What we do

In collaboration with stakeholders, regional partners and companies, Expert centre on inclusive education, ECIO, develops innovative, practical solutions for more inclusive education – education that is open to as many different students as possible and reduces the need for specific adjustments. The ultimate aim is to enable young people with disabilities and special needs to study successfully on a course of their choice and move on to a job that suits them. Education for everyone. Without limits. ECIO is part of CINOP.

Accessible education for all

ECIO supports universities, colleges and VET institutes in order to help make education accessible to students with disabilities and special needs, and to contribute to the wellbeing of students who experience obstacles due to, for example, learning disabilities, physical or sensory impairments, mental vulnerability or chronic illness.

Years of experience and expertise

For over 75 years, we have devoted ourselves to facilitating learning without limits. We can help your organisation to:


ECIO works together with various regional partners, student organisations, interest groups and businesses, and is also a partner of the international LINK network. Together with partners from Europe and beyond, we strive to optimise the quality of higher education services provided to students with disabilities.

Tailor-made advice and assistance

Using our policy scan, we can provide targeted advice and support during preparation for an accreditation. We can help you improve provision of information to students, issue recommendations on how to improve tests and exams and offer tools and advice to boost flexibility and customisation. We also provide advice and support concerning the professionalisation of lecturers and other staff, as well as tips on how to boost the accessibility of jobs and work placements.

Optimum conditions and flexibility of education

We can help you to establish optimum conditions and flexibility within your entire educational organisation. This will result in solutions that not only support students with special needs but also remove obstacles for all students. That way, everyone can learn without having to overcome any limits.

UN convention: how do you ensure that in your educational organisation?

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into force in the Netherlands on 14 July 2016. In line with this convention, all educational institutions in the Netherlands are obliged to actively promote inclusion of students with disabilities. ECIO advises and supports educational institutions during the process of implementing this UN convention.

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