Tools to support inclusive education

For accessible and inclusive education & student well-being

Inclusive education means that all students can study optimally with a study programme of their choice and move on to a job that suits them: learning without limits. Education in which also students with a special needs get adequate guidance and support so that they can develop successfully and get the most out of their study time.

Tools for designing accessible inclusive education and student well-being

Since the UN convention came into force in the Netherlands, every educational institution has to make work of inclusive education. ECIO supports universities, colleges and vocational schools with various tools on tactical, strategic and operational level.

UN Declaration of Intent

ECIO offers support to institutions that want to work towards the goals of the UN Convention. Higher education institutions that sign the UN Convention Declaration of Intent are facilitated and guided in this by the national working group UN Convention.

Policy Scan: optimising the development of your vision and policy

Do these questions sound familiar? If so, ECIO would be happy to help you in the development of your vision and policy. One vital starting point is to identify ownership: which staff member within your educational institution is responsible for policy development relating to inclusive education? In order to assess the current and desired situations, you can use the Policy Scan that we have developed.

FlexScan: optimising flexibility and personalised education

Demand for greater innovation in the education and higher education sectors is increasing all the time. In concrete terms, this means greater flexibility, more personalised education and better anticipation of the needs of students and the business sector. To facilitate the higher professional education sector in fulfilling this demand, CINOP developed the FlexScan.

Student journey chart

With Student journey chart for students we show you the way to the key moments in the study process. Each key moment means a new challenge! Discover the different key moments of studying with special needs and your role in them. Below you will find all key moments in order of your entire study process. In the guide you will find the following information for each key moment:

  • important key figures: who can advise and support you in taking decisions at that moment.
  • actions: what you have to do that is important for you at that moment.
  • hyperlinks: for additional supporting information.

StepChange framework

The Stepchange: mentally healthy universities model is formed of four domains.

  1. Learn: Universities transform lives through learning. Higher learning involves challenge and new ways of thinking: it can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health and wellbeing over a lifetime. However, the way learning is designed, structured and provided may produce a positive or negative experience.
  2. Support: The demand for mental health support among students and staff has increased significantly. Universities currently resource a wide range of services to support those experiencing mental illness.
  3. Work: Good mental health is central to staff engagement, productivity and creativity. The whole university approach brings together staff and student mental health and wellbeing.
  4. Live: making universities healty settings in promotion, culture, environment, community and visible leadership.