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Active involvement of students with special needs

Students have often good ideas how to do things better or differently at their educational institution. As you know, it is in the interest of every educational institution to translate students’ needs into educational policy, as this ensures the policy is optimally compatible with everybody’s wishes and expectations. In this regard, specific attention must be paid to students with special needs.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities obliges educational institutions to actively boost inclusivity. The basic principle in this regard is that students with special needs must be actively involved in the development of policy that affects them. Educational institutions and students may have the following questions in this regard:

  • How does student participation benefit our educational institution?
  • How can our organisation actively promote student participation?
  • What is required to ensure accessible education for students with special needs?
  • What will the active involvement of students with special needs mean for our organisation?

Sustainable policy

The first step is to identify the support required by students with special needs. We can provide support and advice in this process and translate it into educational policy. Our advisers also possess considerable experience in embedding student participation within educational institutions by establishing and supporting student platforms, among other methods. In this way, we can contribute to sustainable policy together.

Customisation is key

It is vital to incorporate the experiences of students by giving them a platform during training courses, workshops and symposia. Furthermore, organising peer-to-peer coaching and buddy programmes helps students to provide accessible support to other students. We can assist you with both of these aspects and would be happy to explore the options together.

Student platforms voor students with special needs

Is the student platform of your educational institution not listed? Please let us know via

Active contact

As a network organisation, we maintain active contact with a wide range of student representative bodies such as the Association of Students in Higher Education (ISO), the Dutch Student Union (LSVb), Ieder(in) and the FNO Youth Panel on Care and Perspective. This keeps us up to date with the very latest developments and allows us to establish a powerful combination of knowledge, experience and current trends.