Policy scan | studying with special needs

practical tips for teachers to promote accessible and inclusive education

07 April 2020

The movement towards inclusive education never starts from scratch. Every educational institution is already involved in this. But where exactly are you? To know where you want to go, you first need to know where you stand. The policy scan is the appropriate tool for this.

  • The policy scan provides insight into the stage of development of the policy of your study programme or institution with regard to studying with special needs. The outcome of the scan helps to give more content and direction to the implementation and further development of policy. It not only gives a picture of what is happening, but also of how this is experienced.
  • The policy scan provides input for discussion. Where is ownership invested? What is the desired situation? And what is the vision underlying the policy? The ECIO consultants guide this.
  • The policy scan is now a tried and tested means of giving shape to change.

Actual change

After the policy scan, you know where you stand and where you want to go. But how do you get there? Implementing policy within a complex organisation is not easy. What is the urgency? How do you develop a concrete step-by-step plan? Which resources do you need and which competencies? How do you connect the people involved? And if you write a policy, how do you ensure support and approval by administrators?

These and other questions apply to every institution that is going to implement policy. ECIO has extensive experience in writing and implementing implementation plans. We can provide support in various ways:

  • On an advisory basis: Our advisors can be hired by means of a strip card system for tailor-made advice. We help with progress, planning and organisational issues. We base our advice on our extensive experience with implementation projects at other institutions, of course adapted to your own situation.
  • On an interim basis: An implementation project requires a lot of time and expertise. The best method is to secure the expert’s knowledge in the organisation. This can be done by hiring one of our consultants for a longer period of time, often for one day a week. In this way, progress is secured and ownership is invested.

What questions are we dealing with?

Educational organisations are complex. Students are entitled to consistent policy and barrier-free education. In the movement towards inclusive education, an awful lot has to be connected.

Studying with special needs is on the policy agendas within educational institutions, at student unions and in The Hague. That’s a start, but the question is how to further develop, implement and secure the policy. Central questions here are:

  •  What is the vision of our educational institution on studying with special needs?
  •  Where does our educational institution stand and where do we want to go?
  •  How do we develop and implement this policy?
  •  How do we ensure support and commitment at all levels?
  •  What does inclusive education require from our organisation?

How can ECIO help you?

Student deans, student psychologists, teachers and tutors are busier than ever. There is a development from sticking plasters and extinguishing fires to prevention and inclusion. This requires a lot from staff and the design of education, buildings and facilities. What can ECIO do for you? ECIO works, as expert centre on inclusive education. We use our expertise to shape the change. Feel free to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.