Information provision

Accessible to both students and staff

How do you ensure that your students have access to useful, reliable and up-to-date information to enable them to make the right decisions and successfully complete their studies? This information and support is particularly important when students encounter difficulties during their studies, such as illnesses, disabilities or family circumstances. ECIO can help with this.

Information provision structure

We help research universities, universities of applied sciences and upper secondary vocational education institutions to establish a solid information provision structure for students with special needs. It is important to know what kind of information is required at specific key moments and to ensure this is easily accessible.

Integrated approach

This task is far from easy. We understand that organising an efficient and effective information provision structure is a huge challenge for educational institutions. After all, who bears final responsibility and how do you ensure that it is effective throughout the entire institution? We have developed an integrated approach to ensure information is clear and accessible to all.

Who will take ownership?

Within many educational institutions, ‘ownership’ of the information provision structure is often highly fragmented. In practice, we see that academic career counselors, student counselors, communication advisers, lecturers and students themselves often have to deal with this. Our goal is to support and provide solutions for all parties.

Attention to prospective students

The transition from secondary to higher education can be a stressful period, especially for students with special needs. In addition to choosing a study programme that suits them, switching to a new educational institution, meeting new students and lecturers and moving to student accommodation (if applicable), they must also take their disabilities into account.

Financial tips for students with a disability

Do students in higher education have trouble learning due to dyslexia, ADHD, autism, a chronic illness or some other condition? Many people are not yet aware that, under certain circumstances, students with disabilities can apply for extra financial support.

Make use of our tools

ECIO developed several tools that educational institutions are free to use. (more tools, translated in English will follow asap)